The Evolution Map of Construction

Construction has undoubtedly evolved a whole lot, from just using bricks to using technology for its best advantage. In this short video we map the evolution of construction over the years:

How has construction evolved?

  1. Machines are now more efficient, thanks to advancements in technology 
  2. We now have precast walls compared to using just red bricks or solid blocks
  3. Setting time has improved with M20 & M25 concrete. This has reduced concreting time to 10 days
  4. Plastering is now done using better technology
  5. High-end machinery is being used for painting
  6. Advanced tech-enabled booking flow
  7. Build houses within 144 days

Yes, your home can be built in just over 3 months if you choose Housejoy as your construction partner. You will also get access to real-time updates and 24×7 surveillance of your site. For more information, contact our experts at 8070407040 or


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