Hassle-Free Stages of Home Construction at Housejoy

To begin with, if you don’t already know, Housejoy is a one-stop solution for home construction, renovation, interiors & maintenance. For you to understand our construction services better we have a video with our Co-Founder & COO addressing two major concerns of home construction:

  1. How is Housejoy Construction Different?
  2. How Does Housejoy’s Design & Execution Work?

  • How is Housejoy Construction Different?

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In-House Team of Highly Qualified Experts: Our architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, quality controllers and designers have excellent experience of building over 500 homes throughout India.

Hassle-Free & End to End Responsibility: We promise to make this journey hassle-free for you! We take full responsibility starting from government approvals to handover.

Dedicated Relationship Manager: You will have a single point of contact that is your relationship manager who will cater to all your doubts and queries.

Stay True to Deadlines: We provide monthly schedules & a master schedule and strictly follow it. We promise to complete all construction projects on time.

A Class Apart in Quality: We set quality as our utmost priority, whether it’s materials, labourers, staff or execution. We have an independent quality team who visit the site twice a week and keep the quality in check. 

Efficient Site Monitoring: Site Supervisors are always present at the site ensuring everything goes perfectly and syncs with the schedule. Daily updates are provided via WhatsApp and follow-ups are done thrice a week with regards to the project progress. CCTV cameras are installed on-site to provide online viewing access. 

Candid and Transparent Payment System:  We maintain transparency at all levels of every construction project. The cost of the entire project is calculated based on your SBA (that is super built-up area) and quoted in the main agreement. Once it is mentioned in the agreement, the entire project cost does not change unless there is a very significant change in the price of materials or a change in the plans/design by you. When the execution of your construction project begins, you will receive weekly bills of actual work done which includes both the materials purchased as well as labour cost.

  • How Does Housejoy’s Design & Execution Work?

Architects & Design

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Once the booking is done, we proceed with the design plans for your house. A meeting is conducted to understand all your needs, requirements and daily routine to draw out your home construction plan accordingly. Our architects then design your floor & structural plans according to all the details collected and Vastu. After this, execution begins along with plumbing, electrical, elevation & interior designing. We also provide a 3D view of elevation & interior design.

Project Execution: 

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Once the design is approved, we begin with execution. Firstly, we mark the footings. Next, we do the excavation. Normally, we go 5-6 ft deep but this solely depends on the soil testing report and the structural instructions. We excavate with JCB first, followed by manual trimming. After that, we go ahead with PCC (plain cement concrete) post which reinforcement work starts. After this, we go ahead with footing concrete and raise the columns. Once it is done, we go ahead with backfilling of soil and parallelly we start working on the sump with red brick and waterproof plastering. After we complete this, we move onto the second level – i.e. plinth. We do another layer of reinforcement, concrete and plinth, post which we once again backfill the soil.

Consolidation of soil takes about 2-3 days. After the soil is consolidated properly we go for another round of PCC. Now, we start the process of brickwork. We then start doing the lintel level, then we do lintel concrete. Post this we work on concrete till the ceiling level – and now we’re ready to begin the slab work. We start with shuttering the slab, post which we check levels and go for matting on the slab, followed by reinforcement. This is when we start working on the electrical conduit, after which we carry out another round of concrete. The slab is now ready. Next day, we create a pond on the slab and let the water sit still for curing.

We let a day pass by. After this, we start with raising columns again and restart the brickwork for another floor. Parallelly, when the shuttering is removed on the ground floor, we start with plastering the ceiling, followed by electrical installation and plastering on walls. We now proceed to work on the flooring. We then start taking measurements for interior decoration of your kitchen, wardrobes and more and place an order for your interiors at our factory. Parallelly, our in-house technicians work on plumbing, electrical and painting for your home. There will be instances when numerous vendors will be working on multiple areas of your house simultaneously to ensure timely delivery of the project i.e. G+1 within 144 days.

Now we move over to the process of handover. Before that, we conduct snag checking for 7 days – this is when we check for problems ranging from small to big – including hinges, plumbing and electrical fittings, doors, windows and more. Once we get a confirmation from our quality team, we’ll be ready to hand over your new dream home. 

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While excavating, if stones or water emerge, there’ll be an extra cost for treatment. Customers will have to pay separately for electrical & water connections. Any other service besides the ones mentioned above will be chargeable.

For more information or any doubts/queries, email us at relationshipmanager@housejoy.in

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