How Does Housejoy Build a House in 144 Days?

We’ll get to the point right away! The reason why you should build a house with Housejoy is because our construction projects are completed 144 days ONLY!

Building a house is usually a one-time investment for most of us. So you would want to get it right the first time itself. Housejoy builds better homes, faster. We execute the construction of ground + 1-floor homes in 144 days only. Want us to convince you a little more? Check out our post on the Hassle-Free Stages of Housejoy Construction here.

How Does Housejoy Build a Home in 144 Days?

Designs are finalized before execution

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All the architectural drawings and designs for your home construction project are finalized and frozen before execution begins. This prevents the process from slowing down.

Project Schedules are strictly followed

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Once designs are ready, project schedules are framed for your construction project. The team works together to check which tasks and jobs can be done parallelly in order to speed up the process without any compromise on the quality.

Materials are procured ahead of time

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Our team ensures that all the required materials are procured and tested prior to the execution to avoid any kind of delay due to materials.

Labour Shed & Resources are ready before execution

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The basic resources required for labourers and their shed are procured and set up at the site before execution begins. This ensures everything is in place for them to begin the construction immediately

Interiors are crafted at the factory

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Once designs of the interiors are finalized by the client, they are crafted in our factory and kept ready.

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