Housing Society v/s House: What’s More Convenient?

Initially in India, the concept of gated communities and housing societies was experienced only by people working in the government sector or the armed forces. Over the past two decades, the demand for exclusive housing communities for the affluent is on the rise. This is mainly due to the multiple benefits they claim to provide. However, a housing society may not be the best arrangement if you intend to move into your own house. Here are a few reasons why owning homes can prove to more beneficial in the future


Maintenance comes at a high cost

Remember that in a co-operative housing society, you are not living alone. You have your own independent house but that house is one of many.  It’s true, that it takes a small army to maintain a housing society because it does – cleaners, handymen, security guards, gardeners, and more, these people are paid based on the maintenance charges that are levied on every single house in the society. These maintenance charges not only include their salaries but also includes the upkeep of all facilities in the society. If you can’t swim, you still pay for the pool. If you don’t play sports, you still pay for the courts and equipment. And if you skip on these payments for any reason there are heavy fines and penalties that are levied on you which keep increasing until you pay up. 


Parking can cost you

Do you own multiple vehicles? Then gear up for a fight. Housing societies, as a rule, provide only one parking space per house. This is because unlike large scale apartment complexes, Housing societies provide parking spaces that are usually right in front of your house. Most modern housing complexes include a garage in the floor plan so you park your car in your house itself. This means that unlike apartment complexes, there is no extra space or vacant spots where someone could park a second vehicle or accommodate a visitor. Even some of the most luxurious housing societies require visitors to park their vehicles at the front gate.  If somehow another house has a parking spot that they’re not using, be prepared to pay very high fees to ‘rent’ that space.   


Committee Concerns

Housing associations are created with a very clear intention in mind. They are meant to oversee the maintenance and operations of the entire society. These associations are comprised of homeowners from within the society, so it is a logical structure to oversee the society’s operations. However, as most people who have lived in a housing society will tell you, that it does get a little challenging when dealing with associations. The only association that you need to think about when living in a house is probably with the next door friendly neighbour.


Secure with Security

Ask any person living in a housing society if they have ever been hounded by salesmen or vendors and they will most likely respond in the affirmative. You might wonder how this is possible since housing societies market themselves as secluded homes without these problems. The truth, security businesses provide the security guards. The vetting and verification process of these guards is anything but exhaustive plus you end up paying more for the same level of security simply because it’s a housing society. 


The Convenience Store Factor

The biggest selling point of a housing society apart from security is the convenience factor. Most housing societies have shopping complexes, gyms, parks, pools, and leisure centres within the society premises. Furthermore, the premises are kept clean by the maintenance staff.  However, there is one issue in the workings of most housing societies and that is proximity. In metropolitan cities, there is little to no chance of making a housing society in or even remotely near the heart of the city. Housing societies require a massive amount of open land, most townships and housing societies are located near the outskirts of the city or city-regions where there is little to no development. Places like malls, offices, and hospitals that are easily accessed by independent homeowners are too far for people living in housing societies. This becomes a bigger problem when you realize that public transport services are extremely sparse in areas with a very low population density.

Living in a housing society or owning your home, at the end of the day the convenience e of the homeowner will need to be considered. Construction of homes can be easier if the cost is made affordable, at Housejoy we ensure that the people with plots don’t have to wait long or save for years in order to begin constructing a home. Find out more about how you can start constructing your own home today.




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