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The time has come to move away from the old ways of construction. The whole process of searching for a contractor, getting used to missed deadlines and eventually compromising on quality is no more. With Housejoy you can expect completely transparency, the best materials, timely completion and no additional costs to your dream home construction. Here’s how it works when you choose Housejoy for your construction project:


Step 1: Finalizing of construction package by customer



There are fixed packages for construction . The packages differ based on materials, interiors, etc. Packages can be customized as well.


Step 2: Initial Booking and Advance



Once the package and rates have been decided, we create a booking agreement which will include the quotation. After approval, the booking advance payment will be made.


Step 3. Drawing and Design Discussion



You will discuss your plans and ideas with the architects and designers who will then draw up a plan. Our in-house team of designers will discuss and share multiple designs based on your suggestions. There are numerous plans that will be drawn up – like the site plan, the floor plan, cross section, elevation and more.


Step 4: Main Agreement Signed


The main agreement is made and signed by all parties. This agreement will have all the details and terms like timelines, materials, payment basis, laws, etc. Once you’ve signed the main agreement, your project is officially underway.



Step 5: Project Schedule Creation and Execution



A schedule will be created for the project. This will outline the entire process in a step-by-step manner and include all the work in store. It starts from the contracts, permits and documents needed to the site work, laying of foundation, carpentry, plumbing, electric, roofing, interiors, hardware, cleaning, walk-through and handover. Any delays in the schedule carry a penalty, this encourages the construction to stick to a specific timeline.


Step 6: Monthly Cash Flow Creation



A consolidated cash flow plan is created according to the project’s timeline and budget. You pay according to the requirements of the specific stage. The bills for the actual work done will be sent on a weekly basis. This will include material and labour cost.


Step 7: Progress Tracking and Audit



Our tech-driven platform enables you to track any phase of the project whenever you want, from wherever you are. Automated progress reports and payment flows will be updated on the app so you can track your progress with the simple tap of a finger. During the entire process, you will receive updates via Whatsapp and follow ups thrice a week. CCTV cameras will be installed on the site and you will have complete viewing access of the residential home construction in process.


Step 8: Project Completion and Handover



All projects will be completed on time and after a walk-through and final check, you will receive the keys to your dream home.

Not only is the process transparent and convenient, you’ll have the best team working on every aspect of your residential home construction to ensure completion on time with no unwanted surprises.


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