Consider These 5 Aspects While Creating Your WFH Space

WFH culture continues to thrive as certain companies have begun sending over the required furniture to set up a professional workspace at home. These plans were not considered in your initial residential home construction so here are a few things to keep in mind while setting up your very own #WFHSpace


The Right FurnITure

When setting up a home office, it is natural to want the best in terms of your furniture. The temptation to make a workspace that doesn’t remind you of your office will be strong.  Opt for office chairs with strong lumbar support and if you’re a tall individual go for high-rise chairs. The same goes for your table. It doesn’t need to be large but it should accommodate your required work items with space to spare. You define your comfort, so keep experimenting until you find that sweet spot.


Let there be Natural Light

A common mistake done by most people who are setting up a home office is to sit under sharp and bright bulbs to keep them alert and awake. This is mostly done out of habit as offices in business parks tend to have a lack of natural lighting. Those neon bulbs can increase eye strain and even cause dull headaches over prolonged exposure. The smartest way to combat this is to set up or move your workspace to a region that is washed with natural light for most of the day time.  Natural light is proven to improve overall productivity and alertness in workers. The lack of natural light further increases feelings of confinement and can be an unpleasant experience for claustrophobes in the long run.


Add Some Colour To Your WFH Life

Colour can sometimes be overlooked, but it’s so much more important than you think. Just think about how much the sounds in your surroundings affect you. If your setup overlooks an ongoing construction or a busy road, your workday is probably not going great. This is because your auditory receptors are irritated. Similarly, your visual receptors can be subconsciously affected without you even realizing it. Just like lighting, the colours that surround your workspace need to be examined and decided thoroughly. While it may seem tempting to use cool and calming colours like turquoise or lilac, these will have a detrimental effect on a brain that’s supposed to be alert. Go for colours like purple or sharp yellow that invoke creativity. Conversely, you can also go for neutral colours like white or grey if bright colours aren’t your thing.


Make a Mesh of Things

Let’s face the facts. Your WiFi is THE most crucial component of WFH. It’s what keeps you connected to your office and without it, almost no work would get done. During this phase, you might want to invest in internet plans which offer higher speeds and more data, but it’s an exercise in futility if your workstation is poorly located. Believe it or not, your WiFi router sends signals in very specific directions in your home. If these signals are obstructed from reaching a specific device, the device will simply not connect even though your internet service is working just fine. What obstructs these signals? Concrete, brick, and metal. The very things that make up your walls could very well obstruct your WiFi and slow it down. To fix this, you can set up your workspace and router in close proximity of each other. Better yet would be to get a Mesh WiFi system which places additional receptors around your home to improve your WiFi signal.


That’s Your Spot

Every single aspect we’ve spoken about until now could be solved simply by efficiently planning the location of your workspace. From lighting to your WiFi access, you need to think at least more than once about where your home office would fit best within your house. It goes without saying that corridors and passageways are not a good idea at all even if you stay alone. Remember, your home office may be a newly added area but it should not be an obstruction.

Don’t place yourself in a corner just because you feel it saves space, it may keep your room more open but if you’re cramped where you work then the purpose of a comfortable workspace is lost. Speak to our experts when it comes to creating your WFH niche and get productive. Your boss will be pleased you did!

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