What are the Materials Used in Housejoy Construction?

Homes always last a lifetime! What goes into the construction of your dream home matters and at Housejoy we pay close attention to this. Our experts prioritize client satisfaction and never compromise on the quality of materials. Whether it is materials, labour or execution, quality is always on top. Here is a short video detailing the quality of materials we use at Housejoy.

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Quality of Materials

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Red Bricks are the most suitable as they provide high compression power, have fire resistant properties and the strength to withstand severe weather conditions.


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53 Grade Cement is recommended for foundation and 43 Grade Cement for the construction.


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M Sand is best for foundation and Natural Sand for plastering.


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Our experts recommend Ceramic flooring tiles with any kind of finish (matte, glazed, embossed and textured) for bathroom and balcony and Vitrified tiles for living room, bedroom and other parts of the house.


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Pre-laminated wooden flooring is great as it is water-resistant and has robust strength with an eye-catching finish.


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Housejoy experts use Finolex cables or a material equivalent to it for your home.

Bathware Fittings

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High-quality PVC pipes are preferred and used by our expert team to avoid any damp wall or leaky pipe issues.

False Ceiling

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Gypsum Board or Saint Gobain channels are the best for false ceilings for its visually appealing property and high quality.

We, at Housejoy, are a strong believer of the saying ‘what you sow is what you reap’ and insist on using the best quality materials to bring your dream home to life. For more information call us on 8070407040 or email us at relationshipmanager@housejoy.in.

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