5 Quirky & Creative Works of Architecture from Around the World

This is not a list of those famous buildings and structures that we have all studied or seen. These are a few examples of creative architecture works done on buildings or homes around the world that you might not have even heard of. 

Habitat 67 – Montreal, Canada

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With the vision of creating an apartment building that was unique, architect Moshe Safdie designed Habitat 67 in Montreal. This housing complex consists of 354 apartments that are identical and all prefabricated. These apartments are stacked in seemingly random combinations and are connected by steel cables, streets and bridges. By stacking these apartments in this way, instead of a boring high-rise with one terrace, now every apartment (referred to as boxes) has a roof garden along with plenty of natural light and fresh air. This goes to show that it pays to think outside the box (pun intended). 

Cubic Houses – Netherlands

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Constructed in the 1970s, the Cubic Houses were designed as a solution to the problem of creating houses on top of a pedestrian bridge. Each house sits on a hexagon pole and is tilted. Inside, the houses are cosy with triangular living rooms and angled windows that give the residents a great view. 

Kansas City Public Library – Kansas City, USA

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A bookworm’s paradise, the Kansas City Public Library looks like a shelf of books from the outside. This giant bookshelf displays 22 titles of books across various genres. The readers of the city got a chance to vote for the titles and the final 22 were decided by the Trustees. Not what you picture when you think of a library with a strict librarian telling you to ‘shush” huh?

Star Wars House, South Korea

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You don’t have to go to a galaxy far far away to see this house. This Star Wars-themed home is located in South Korea and houses a family of four. Though it looks very droid-like on the outside, it’s actually quite homely and practical on the inside. 

Basket Building, Ohio – USA

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Nope, this is not a hoax. There really is a building shaped like a giant picnic basket. The Big Basket is the headquarters of Longaberger – an American company that makes wooden baskets and other products. Inside, the 7-storey building has marble floors and a central atrium.  

So if the architect has the talent and the vision, they don’t necessarily have to go down the familiar and safe paths. A little creativity can lead to something truly fascinating with architecture. 

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