Raise the Roof: Know Your Roofing Options for Your Dream Home

Having a roof over your head is the most basic need. But that doesn’t mean you should choose just any roof. Know your options and pick what’s best depending on weather, durability, safety and maintenance. Here are the various roofing materials out there:



Not the most attractive of roofing materials, concrete is still popular because it’s long-lasting, suitable for most Indian home styles and is wind and fireproof. The main drawbacks of using concrete are that it is prone to damage and is very heavy.


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Attractive and natural, clay is a great roofing choice if it suits the rest of your house. They are durable and can last up to 100 years. But they are heavy and will need a lot of structural support. They can also crack easily or even break. Clay tiles are a popular roofing choice in places like Kerala. They look charming and are great for coastal areas because of their water-absorbing capacity as opposed to concrete which will develop stains.


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These tiles are good for all kinds of climates. Popular in Eastern US, slate requires very little maintenance and can last a lifetime. They also regulate the temperature of the home and are environmentally friendly. But as they are heavy, expensive and difficult to repair, alternatives to natural slate have been introduced.


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Previously only used for warehouses, metal roofs are now available in attractive styles for homes. The main advantages are that these are light, can be recycled and are wind and fire-resistant. The drawbacks being the cost (depending on the metal) and it’s not that easy to install.


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Those who want a more natural look can opt for wood shingles. Though attractive, wood roofs have a lot of drawbacks – they are not fire-resistant (unless treated with a fire retardant), they have short life spans and require regular maintenance.


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Though asphalt shingles are common, they are not always a great choice because they aren’t durable and are not environmentally friendly. Asphalt is budget-friendly and also easy to install.


Before you decide on what kind of roofing material you prefer, look into factors like the style of your home, the weather of the city you’re living in and the cost (and maintenance). Once you weigh out all your options and their pros and cons, your choice will be easy.

Let us know what factor you look for most when considering roofing materials.

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