A Rendezvous with India’s First Construction and Interiors Experience Centre

If there’s one thing you’ll notice about most housing firms, it’s the stunningly beautiful homes they showcase in their brochures and advertising. The large windows, the countertop kitchens, and the spacious bedrooms overlooking what seems to be a Windows XP wallpaper could convince anyone to start bucking up on their plans to get their own home. But if you think practically then a few issues come to light. A kitchen that big fits great in a 4000 sq ft house but in anything smaller and you end up with a kitchen larger than your living room. Large windows may not be a great idea for a west-facing room as it might end up turning that room into an oven. Even a spacious bedroom looks smaller when you’re standing in the middle of it because you’re an average Joe, not a photographer who understands perspective.  

At Housejoy we strongly believe in the phrase ‘Seeing is Believing’. Sure, we could showcase some lovely homes to reel you in and then let our high-quality services do the rest, but we wanted to go a step further. When it comes to building your own dream house, we need YOU – the customer, to have complete clarity on every single component of your residential home construction. From the materials used to lay your foundation to the lighting fixtures, we want you to be completely certain about every decision you take. At Housejoy, we feel that the best homes are built when both the customer AND the builder work together on YOUR unique vision. 

Welcome to our newly built Construction and Interiors Experience Center


The Kitchen 

Need to get a feel of your future kitchen? Try standing in it! From teak cabinets to hub top stoves, we have unfolded your imagination. 


The Living Room

Sometimes you visualize your TV room in your head but not this time! Figure out seating and lighting options that you desire by sitting in our TV room and trying out the lighting.


The Decor

No more staged photos! Experience our living rooms and you might even fall in love with our décor choices.


The Bedroom

From bedroom to bathroom, you’ll have a strong grasp of our capabilities and your preferences. An unbeatable team for your budget home construction. 


The Building Materials

We understand that interiors are only a part of your dream home construction. What keeps those interiors safe and secure from the outside elements are the materials that are used in creating the walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs. Of course, not anyone would want to keep gravel and bricks on display. Luckily we’re not just anyone! 


The Process

We take you through the entire process of construction step by step. How? you ask, well, visually of course! We’ve constructed the various stages of construction so that you have the freedom to understand each stage individually.


Come and take a tour of India’s first-ever Construction & Experience Center today to better understand the home construction process and we’ll help simplify the process of building your home.

Visit our experience centre: 

L-371 5th Main Road,

Opposite Liss Arcade

Sector 6, HSR Layout

Bengaluru -560102



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