8 Rangoli Ideas To Add A Little Colour To Your Celebrations

Festivals are a time for feasts, family, pujas, fireworks, parties and of course – rangoli. It’s the first thing that greets our guests and also a very important part of any celebration. Traditionally, rangoli might have only been made from colored powder, now you can play around with it and create a masterpiece. If you’ve stuck to a particular material or pattern – this is the year to get creative. Here are some of the different rangolis you can try:

Free-Hand Rangoli

Those with a steady hand love this form of rangoli. It is the most common one and is made from colored sand which can be used to create anything from simple flowers to elaborate peacocks.

rangoli designs

Floating Rangoli

Something new you can try is a floating rangoli. If you have a wide bowl, you can just fill it with water and place flowers, diyas or floating candles in it to create a beautiful design.

rangoli designs

Stencil Designs

An easy and pretty alternative to spending hours drawing out patterns is to use a stencil. This method has become popular among those who do not have the time but still want a beautiful rangoli design decorating their entrance. These stencils come on the form of rollers and boxes with different patterns like diyas, ganesha, flowers, etc.

Flower Petal Rangoli

Using petals and leaves brings a different dimension to any rangoli design. It’s also a lot of fun for the whole family. Petals of roses, marigold, jasmine, etc. and plucked and arranged according to their color and then filled into the outline of a pre-drawn design.

rangoli designs


Lamp Rangoli

Lamps and diyas can turn a simple rangoli design into something beautiful. The lamps can be places on rice, powder, flower rangolis or just arranged to form a pattern on their own.


A traditional Bengali form of rangoli, alpana is drawn out with rice paste. This white rangoli is simple and elegant.

rangoli designs

Rice Rangoli

Instead of grinding and using the powdered rice, whole colored rice grains make the rangoli look fuller and give it a unique texture.

rangoli designs





Readymade Rangoli – Wooden or Glass

Another form of rangoli that’s become quite popular is the readymade kind that you just have to place on the floor. These come in the form of glass, wood or even transparent sheet with stones and glitter on it. These are great because they are reusable and don’t require any cleaning afterwards.

With the festival season approaching, try two or more of these forms and give your guests a visual treat before they enter your home. Let us know what your favorite form of rangoli is by leaving a comment below.


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