10 Most Utterly Bizarre New Year’s Resolutions You’ve Ever Heard!

‘Lose 10kg’, ‘quit drinking’ or ‘travel more’ might sound like the most common New Year’s resolutions. They are also the most commonly abandoned ones. If you’re tired of making (and breaking) the same resolutions year after year, get inspired to try something new by reading the following list of strange resolutions made by people around the world.

 1. Smile and Wave

One man made it his resolution to wave at others while stuck at a traffic signal. Some smiled back, some looked away while others stared. If all of us made a resolution like this – traffic jams wouldn’t be half as bad as they are now.

2. Collect Airsick Bags from Airlines

One person made this resolution and actually hung airsick bags as wall decorations in his home.

3. No More Shopping


One woman thought it would be a good idea to give up shopping for anything other than essentials and groceries. Going without retail therapy was harder than she thought, especially on bad days when nothing could boost her mood.

4. No Eating Out

A 25-year old vowed to only cook for a year and stop spending on food. To try and make the resolution work, he even ate stuff straight out of a can. He was able to stick it out for just two months before caving in and eating out.

5. The Ex Files


One girl decided to make it her resolution to not speak to her ex again. This was easier said than done as they had the same circle of friends, went to the same college and lived on the same campus.

6. Buf….fer…ing

One man tweeted that his New Year’s Resolution would be to wait for videos to load instead of getting frustrated and closing the page.

7. English Vinglish

Another twitter user decided to learn the difference between ‘effect’ and ‘affect’ as his New Year’s Resolution.

8. Buy One Get One

This is a good one – a resolution to never buy food unless there’s some kind of special offer running.

9. Easy Resolution Maker


One celebrity had a brilliant idea for those who can’t think of resolutions to make. On the first day of the year, just write down everything you did the previous night and add the word ‘stop’ before it.

10. Home Makeover

Tired of not being able to save enough to move into a bigger, better house, one girl decided to do something different to her flat every month to turn it into her dream home.

Have you heard of any crazy resolutions? Leave a comment below .


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