Drive Safe: 10 Important Traffic Signs & Their Meaning

Does it sometimes feel like you’re going the wrong way on a one-way street? Well that can be avoided if you know all the traffic signs. Check out the important signs that will help you even if you do not drive.

1. One-Way

An important sign if missed can get you in trouble with the police or yelled at by people going the right way.

2. No Right/Left Turn

You might want to turn off that indicator when you see this sign because you cannot take that specific left/right and might have to look for another way to get onto that road.

3. Overtaking Prohibited

Slow down when you see this sign. This symbol is usually seen on highways, bridges or narrow roads where overtaking can be quite dangerous.

4. No U-Turn

This might make your journey a little longer but taking a U-turn where this sign is placed is prohibited.

5. Entry Prohibited on Both Sides

This sign implies that no vehicles are allowed to pass from either direction. This is usually placed at areas where there are mostly pedestrians like a mall.

6. No Honking

Shhhh! When you see this sign,  you’re probably in a residential area, near a school or hospital. Hence, refrain from using your horn.

7. No Parking

This is a sign we all know (and hate).

8. Speed Limit

Check your speedometer to see if you’re within the speed limit when you come across this sign.

9. Compulsory Left

This sign means there’s some work happening due to which you have to take a diversion and take the left ahead. The same goes for when the arrow points the other way and you have to take a right turn.

10. All Motor Vehicles Prohibited

Entry of any kind of vehicle is prohibited where this sign is placed. If the sign just has a motorbike – then no two-wheelers are allowed on that street.

Knowing all the traffic signs can keep you (and everyone else on the road) safe, keep your car from getting towed and prevent you from accidentally breaking the law. If we’ve missed out on some important ones – leave a comment and tell us what they are.

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