Ordering In to Ordering Ingredients: How The Lockdown Affected Norms

Many people must have noticed a very positive fallout of the 40-day lockdown India was placed under. A large number of people have shed a considerable amount of weight. This is even more surprising when you take into account the fact that gyms have been prohibited from opening their shutters until the pandemic is controlled and that people have been strictly forbidden from venturing out on the road for a run.

So why are people losing weight with a lack of physical exercise?

The answer may be related to the caution and safety we have been exercising. In the initial weeks of the lockdown, the fear of the Covid19 virus was rampant and a large amount of misinformation was spread over the internet. This lead to massive fears that even the most remote form of contact with an infected carrier could potentially be fatal. These fears coupled with general prudence spelled disaster for the food industry as no one was willing to order food cooked by another person. Obviously, as clarity and information about the Coronavirus settled in, people were more aware of the dangers and knew how to protect themselves when ordering out. Furthermore, the food delivery industry and the restaurant industry assured customers that they were taking all necessary precautions to ensure that their respective industries are completely safe for consumers. These industries have slowly started picking up in terms of business.

But this still does not answer the question as to why people lost weight even if they didn’t exercise or follow a stringent diet. The answer to that question lies in the foodservice industry as a whole. Try as you might and you will notice that no matter how many cookbooks or online recipes you follow, you are simply unable to recreate that particular taste of your favourite meal from your favourite restaurant.

We know the 11 herbs and spices but never get THAT flavour. We’ve seen multiple videos on combinations of ketchup and mayonnaise but the homemade version is simply unable to match the restaurant and the reason behind this is one terrifying ingredient. Salt!

Salt is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. It is cheap and is found in abundance which makes it a staple of any dish. However, restaurants and outside eateries have had a history of putting large amounts of salt to make a dish palatable.  Think back to whenever you had Pav Bhaji or an Omelette from a roadside vendor. You’ll notice that they use almost 250 grams of butter for a SINGLE dish. 

The WHO recommends no more than 2000 mg of sodium (5000 mg of white salt) in a single day while the American Heart Association recommends 1500 mg of sodium. Just take a look at the way salt is sprinkled over your French fries in your favourite fast-food joint and you’ll see that you’ve exceeded that intake fivefold in a single appetizer. This isn’t new or shocking information as health groups have always attached obesity and heart disease to the menus of outside eateries. But the weight loss that a lot of people are experiencing during the lockdown can be attributed to the fact that people have not eaten out for a very long time. No matter what dish you prepare at home, it will never have the same amounts of salt and butter!

With the advent of Youtube, almost anyone can become a chef at home with the right tools. This is a time to try out your chef skills and stay healthy by making dishes that are just right for you. This is not a campaign for health food, if you wish to have a burger then go right ahead. However, homemade burgers can be real treats too. Need the ingredients? We’ll have them delivered home from local shops around you. All you need to do is ask!



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