10 Tiny Homes that Blew Our Minds

When it comes to the size of a house – if you thought big is beautiful, you really need to see this. Across the world, people are slowly moving towards a minimalist living movement. Smaller homes means less clutter and energy consumption. Whether you’re a minimalist or just can’t afford a big house, these tiny homes will make you see that size really doesn’t matter.

Compact Home with a Backyard

tiny homes_1

An 860-sq foot Hideaway

Truly Tiny Retreat

tiny homes_3

Home on a Bus

tiny homes_4

A Travel-Trailer Turned Home

tiny homes_5

A (homely) Cabin in the Woods

tiny homes_6

Minuscule and Modern

tiny homes_7

Student’s Haven

tiny homes_8

Compact House Boat

tiny homes_9

A Family Home

tiny homes_10

So if you don’t have the space but still want to make your house comfortable and welcoming, we hope these tiny homes gave you some inspiration.  

Tell us which one you liked the most by leaving a comment below.

IC: Dwell

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