It’s Never too Late to Renovate: 2019 Renovation Trends

A new year is a chance to renew, refresh and renovate. We’re not just talking about yourself. If you’ve been putting off those home renovation plans for far too long, 2019 is the year to follow through with them. Here are some ideas to inspire you:


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The kitchen is always a popular space for renovation because of the ever-increasing need for storage space. Most of the upgrades will involve more counter space and various smart alternatives for shelves, upper cabinets and under cabinets. As far as colours, some prefer bolder colours like blue, but a majority are trying out pastels like baby blue, soft greys and millennial pink. For lighting, people are going for something moodier instead of bright white by adding a pendant or under-cabinet lights.


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A popular trend that’s believed to continue is the use of black as the primary colour in bathrooms. People are also opting for matte finishes and modern features like contemporary shower heads, smart lighting, etc.


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Unlike the above two spaces, the colour preference for the interiors of the bedroom are heading towards more happier tones. Those repainting can think of colours like indigo or aquamarine. Another great idea would be to create built-in space, especially around the bed. This can include cabinets and even an upholstered headboard.

Living Room

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When it comes to the living room, small changes can freshen up the whole house. Though a lot of people are still opting for whites and muted greys, many more are experimenting with more contemporary tones. To make the space seem larger, a lot of people are drawing attention the ceiling or adding an accent light around the perimeter of the ceiling.


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The balcony or sit-out has always been a popular place to entertain. Because of that, people are now making it as comfortable as an indoor lounging area by adding outlets for fairy lights and other lamps. Other popular trends are – introducing a green wall with artificial or living plants, including a wooden screen, adding fountains and incorporating a swing or hanging furniture.

What does your home renovation plan for 2019 look like? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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