10 AbsoLOOtuley Amazing Bathroom Makeovers

Your bathroom is your hideout, the place you go when you need some alone time, your throne where you can spend hours on social media – or at least till your sibling starts banging on the door. Such an important place definitely deserves some attention. If you’re considering a renovation (and even if you’re not) – these makeovers will definitely give you some inspiration.

Open Bright and Beautiful

bathroom 1

A boring space with a terrace has been converted into a gorgeous bright-blue open bathroom with plenty of natural light and a relaxing bathtub.

Colourful Upgrade

bathroom 2

A boring space has been transformed into a colourful cheery space guaranteed to extend the owners’ daily bathroom time.

Compact and Charming

bathroom 3

A very ordinary small space, remodeled to look more inviting and comfortable.

What a Bright Difference

bathroom 4

From dark and dreary to sophisticated and stylish, this makeover shows how using white can make a space look so much bigger.

Little Tiles Matter

bathroom 5

Just redoing the tiles can make the place look completely new.

Few Changes Here and There

bathroom 6

New tiling, opening up the shower space and a brand new sink/vanity counter can bring an old bathroom back to life.

Less Storage, More Space

bathroom 7

A cluttered bathroom with protruding storage renovated to a brighter, open space with light blue walls instead of tiles.

Elegance is the Key

bathroom 8

A dated and dark bathroom renovated to look current with penny tiles in shades of grey and a glass door separating the shower area.

Delete Dull, Enter Fun

bathroom 9

A dull bathroom with no storage is now a fun space with a new personality and lots of storage.

Let There Be Light

bathroom 10

A sweet but boring bathroom converted into a sleeker space with new lighting and lighter paint.

Give your bathroom some TLC with a makeover or a renovation. Tell us why the bathroom is your favourite place in the house by leaving a comment below.

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IC: Architecture Digest, Home Magez, HGTV  and The Spruce

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