5 Major Construction and Renovation Trends You Need to Consider

While building a home takes time, it takes much longer to plan it. Sometimes, even if it ends up looking exactly the way you imagined it, a few years later you’ll be wishing you included a terrace garden in the blue prints. That’s when renovations happen. If you’re thinking of getting a home constructed or renovating your existing one – it might help to know what the latest construction and renovation trends are.

Modular, Open Kitchens

construction and renovation 1Most of the kitchen renovations are to make the space more open. The kitchen is no longer just the place where food gets prepared. Now it’s also where guests are entertained and family members hang out. Most kitchen renovations involve creating an island with/without storage and seating options. Storage is also being added by way of roll-out shelves, cutlery trays, gliding draws and more.

Bathroom Enhancements

construction and renovation 2

Bathroom renovations typically consist of making better use of the space, adding storage or changing tiles and fixtures. Shelves and cabinets are being added but in a hidden way so as to give the illusion of more space. Boring old tiles are being replaced by tiles with unique patterns and geometric shapes. Tiles that look like stones or wood are also becoming increasingly popular.

Energy Saving

construction and renovation 3

More and more people are getting on board with the idea of green living. Constructions and renovations seem to include provisions for natural light, rain water harvesting and installing solar panels.

Home-Enhancing Décor

construction and renovation 4

Most renovations are done to improve or change the interiors. There’s a lot you can do to spruce up your space. From adding plants and chandeliers to changing the curtains or furniture.

Separate Spaces

construction and renovation 5

A lot of home owners are making changes to their homes to incorporate a separate place for either work or recreation. So whether you want a new den, a study, mini theater, billiards room or even an indoor pool; a renovation is the best time to make your home comfortable and fun for you and your family.

What could you change about your home if you had the chance? Let us know by leaving a comment below.construction and renovation button


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