Tiny Terrors: 5 Signs that You Have Bed Bugs

We all grow up hearing that good things come in small packages. Well if you’ve ever had to deal with bed bugs, you will disagree with that statement. Bed bugs can be of different shapes and sizes; they are a nuisance regardless of which stage of development they are in. While an adult bed bug can be easily spotted, one that’s in the youngest stage will be hard to see. Here are some signs that you have a bed bug problem.


#1 Rust Issues

bed bugs 1

This is the first sign that you’re sharing your bed with bed bugs. They leave behind blood stains that look like tiny rust spots. You can find these near the edges and corners of the bed.

#2 Shedding on Your Bedding

bed bugs 2

As they mature, they keep shedding their skin so you can find tiny brown exoskeletons all over the place.

#3 Who Nose for Sure?

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Another sign that you have bed bugs is a musty smell in the room. If your room smells damp, you probably have bed bugs – lots of them!

#4 Body of Evidence

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Bed bug bites look like lines or clusters of raised red marks. You will find them on parts of your body that are exposed when you sleep, like your arms and neck. Though these bites aren’t dangerous, they can be quite itchy and irritating.

#5 Tossing and Turning

bed bugs 5

When sharing your bed with these unwanted guests, they want to have a slumber party while you sleep. So this means a lot of tossing, turning, itching  and scratching through the night if you’re a light sleeper.



If this thought has been bugging you (pun intended), then put your suspicion (and yourself) to rest by finding out if you actually have bed bugs.

Check the Bedbed bugs 6

Check the mattress, headboard and even under the bed for shed skin and those rust-like blood stains. Use a flashlight or even a magnifying glass if you have one (you can even pretend you’re Sherlock Holmes while you’re at it).

Other Areas

You’ll have to check chairs, couches, carpet and any other upholstery for the same marks. Bed bugs can cling to your clothes so they might find their way into your closet. Check all cupboards and in-between clothes.


bed bugs 7

For the bite marks, you can just wash them with soapy water to bring down the irritation. To treat the bed bugs, you’ll have to call in an expert pest control team. To clean your mattress, couch, carpet, chair, etc – you’ll have to get them shampooed or deep cleaned.

Want to know the warning signs of other pests? Leave a comment and tell us which critter you suspect you’re sharing your home with.

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