5 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

For your air conditioner to function effectively and efficiently throughout the year (especially during the summer months), you’ll need to see that it gets professionally serviced at least once a year. Aside from regular air conditioner maintenance, there are certain things that need to be done to keep your unit in good shape. Here are some of them:

Clean/Replace Air Filter

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This is the most important step and should be done every month during the high-use seasons and every few months during the rest of the year. The air filters collect all the dirt and dust in the room and without regular cleaning, it will not work efficiently and will put extra strain on the unit.

Cover up the compressor unit during winters

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During the winter season or whenever you do not use the AC for a long period of time (like when you’re travelling), cover up the compressor unit (which is placed outside) with a cloth or a sheet to prevent dust and dirt from entering the unit.

Unclog the Drain

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If the rear drain is clogged, then the water has no way to escape and can lead to leaks and drips. It can also lead to an increase in the humidity level of the room. Make sure to periodically check the drain and try to unclog it or get help as soon as you notice a clog.

Check the Fins

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The condenser and evaporator fins are very easy to find. These fins can bend and even get accumulated with dirt and dust. Check them regularly for bending and also get them cleaned to protect the condenser and evaporator.

Schedule Regular Checks

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Make an appointment with a trained technician at least once every six months. The technician will test for leaks, check the amount of refrigerant, measure airflow, check the filter, clean and tighten connections and more.

Following these simple guidelines for air conditioner maintenance and having a professional look at your unit often will keep it running smoothly, keep you (and your home) cool and keep your electric bills in check.

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