5 Tips to Give Your Diwali Decor a Modern Spin!

To welcome the Festival of Lights we clean and decorate our beloved homes with rangolis, diyas, lights and so much more. But why not do something different this time and decorate your home in a way that complements your modern home? Here are a few ideas to give your Diwali decor a modern spin.


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Instead of the usual flowers on the walls, you can arrange them along with tea lights in a bowl of water. This adds a splash of color and are also great for centerpieces.

Tea Lights

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In place of diyas you can use colorful and scented tea lights. They come in a variety of  scents and colors and will make a great addition to your modern decor.

Paper Lanterns & Torans

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Make paper lanterns to place on your side tables. You can use colorful crepe paper to make your own torans as well.

Fairy Lights

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You can also replace diyas with fairy lights placed in colorful DIY lamps. If you can’t make DIY lamps you can just pick up colorful fairy lights.

Silk Cushions & Curtains

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Change your cushion covers and curtains to colorful bright silk ones. This might be a minor change but makes the space brighter and elegant.

You can use these ideas or add your own creativity and experiment to brighten up your house for Diwali. If you do so and end up with more Diwali decoration ideas of your own , don’t forget to share them with us by leaving a comment below.

Image Credits: Pinterest

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