7 Reasons Why Your AC is Not Cooling

Want to Netflix and chill but the ‘chill’ aspect is not happening? With the summers getting hotter and hotter every year, it’s getting almost necessary to have an AC in every room. But nothing can be more annoying than an AC unit that’s not doing its job. Here are some possible reasons why your AC is not cooling:

#1 Incorrect Installation

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If your AC is newly installed and it’s not cooling at all or the air is not cool enough, then it might not have been correctly installed. Call the AC installation people back to have a check.

#2 Incorrect Size

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Another possible reason is that you only considered your budget and not your room size and got one that’s meant for a smaller room. When you select the AC, know the size of your room and check which tonnage AC will be the best. Bigger rooms need ACs with bigger cooling capacities and more tonnage.

#3 Temperature Outside

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If the surrounding temperature is too high, it reduces the efficiency of the unit causing the compressor to work more. All ACs have a certain optimum operating temperature (surrounding temperature) at which they work most effectively. If the temperature outside increases beyond this point, it reduces the efficiency of the AC and it can also cause the compressor to stop working completely.

#4 Low Refrigerant

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The AC works because of the refrigerant flowing through it so if the level of refrigerant drops, the AC won’t cool very well. This can mostly happen if there’s a refrigerant leak.

#5 Dirty Air Filter

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A clogged air filter keeps the air from flowing through properly, which reduces the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. This is an easy fix and also very avoidable if you have regular check-ups and servicing.

#6 Faulty Remote

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Sometimes the remote does not send the temperature change signals correctly to the AC unit. This can be because the LED light on the top of the AC is broken or the batteries have died. If changing the batteries and settings doesn’t work, replace the remote.

#7 Air Leaks

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If your room has too many places where the air could leak out, then the AC will not be able to cool it as fast as the air leaks out.

Sweating while the AC is running sure is annoying but you can avoid all of the above scenarios by booking scheduled maintenance checks. Also, if you find yourself in any of these situations, help isn’t too far away. Call a professional and you’ll find yourself chilling (pun intended) in no time.

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