Do Air Conditioners Need to Be Serviced?

This year the summer came without a warning – no weeks of pleasant smooth transition from cold to comfortable, it went straight to boiling hot. That means we had no time to prepare or get our air conditioners ready. That brings us to the question of how to keep our air conditioners healthy all year round and how often to get them serviced.

Reasons to get your air conditioner serviced

#1 Prolong the life of the AC

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When you have regular annual check-ups, it will help you unit run better and last longer. 

#2 More efficient

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Some experts say that your AC loses 5% of its efficiency every year that you do not service it. Without servicing, it can accumulate dust and dirt which reduces its efficiency.

#3 Fewer AC repairs

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If you have an expert looking at your AC every year, you’ll be saving yourself big bucks that would have been spent on AC repair services and AC maintenance. Small problems can be identified and addressed before they turn into something bigger that leaves your wallet empty and leaves you with an AC that doesn’t work right. Find out the difference between repair woes for Window Air Conditioner and Split Air Conditioner 

#4 Prevents loss of cooling

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Sometimes your AC appears fine but does not cool. This can be for various reasons like low refrigerant level, fan not working, clogged air filters, etc. Regular air conditioning service will make sure the unit is always running smoothly and all these problems are caught early on.

#5 Better air

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Regular AC repair and maintenance will make sure your home’s indoor quality is not toxic or harmful. During the annual check-ups, the filters are cleaned (and replaced if necessary) to make sure the air you breathe is clean.

How often to get your air conditioner serviced?

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Experts advice that you should get your AC serviced at least once a year so that you have it operating at maximum efficiency and it works when you need it the most. A typical check-up would involve looking at the blower, drain line, motor, coils, refrigerant levels and more. The best time to do it is when the winters are almost over but not too close to the start of summer in case the AC needs some repair work that could take a few days.

Stay cool during the summer months and make sure your family breathes in clean air by getting your AC serviced at least once a year. Leave a comment if you have a story about how your AC stopped working on a day when you really needed it.

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