Black is Back: The Return of Black in the World of Interior Design

Black can never actually go out of style. Whether it’s a black car, decor or a dress, black is a classy, luxurious color that blends well with other colors. Now that black has returned to the world of interior design, here are a few tips on how to use black cleverly for your home decor.

Incorporate Black in Home Decor

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As black complements every other color, you can use the color black with your furniture, accent elements and so much more or pair it up with contrasting colors. For instance, you can pair a black coffee table or a sofa with a bright colored wall such as yellow or use the color black for accent pieces such as vases, picture frames, rugs, etc,.

Enhance Structure of Rooms using Black

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Using black for certain elements in the house does not only enhance the structure but can also add an artistic edge. While black can make an old door pop, black windows draw the attention outside making your space seem more expansive.

Strike a Balance with Contrast Colours

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The key to striking a balance between black and other contrasting colors is to make sure black does not dominate in your interiors, instead, it should complement other colors. For instance, if you use black for an accent wall, make use of contrasting pieces of furniture to make it the focal point of your space.

Mix & Match with Black

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If you want to create a bright contrast for your space, consider using a combination of black and flamboyant colors. If you’d like your space to look more harmonious, use black with pastel shades. For a royal look, combine black with gold and white. If you’d like to highlight a gallery of paintings or pictures, hang them up on a black wall.

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  • Use black for your primary furnishings (coffee table, sofas or chairs)
  • Use black as an accent wall color and pair it with a contrasting colour.
  • Make use of artwork to incorporate black into your space.
  • Pair black with contrast colors such as taupe, white or light grey.
  • Experiment with different materials such as velvet, faux and more.


  • Overdo it with black interiors.
  • Mix black with dark shades of other colors.
  • Blend different shades of black. This makes some of the shades look faded.
  • Avoid the use of steel or dark metal finishes.
  • Be afraid to experiment to use black shaded accent elements. (pillows, throws, etc,.)


Follow the philosophy of “less is more” with the use of black and your interiors will wow everyone who steps into your home. If you’ve added black to your home decor and succeeded, share your tips with us in the comments below.

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