Good gets #1, Better gets Knockout!

Although we love the concept of ‘good’, ‘better’ is always more exciting! And when it comes to making decisions for the smallest of things, the “terrific” ones are often more effective. Now, how about taking a leap into what’s beyond good?

The Clean-up Agenda

Better- The Clean-up Agenda

The Quick-Fix

Better- The Quick-Fix

The Chillin’ Code

Better- The Chillin' Code

The Car Conduct

Better- The Car Conduct

The Hot-Shot Rule

Better- The Hot-Shot Rule

The Beauty Secret

Better- The Beauty Secret

The No Pest-ering Note

Better- The No Pest-ering Note

The Wise Way

Better- The Wise Way

And talking about wise ways and earning, there’s something that you might not want to miss out on. When you share the Housejoy App with a friend, you and your friend get Rs.200 HJ cash. What more, top 10 referrers win a Sterling Holiday package!

So that’s our take on “better” decisions than “good”. And now’s your turn to share some fun instances like these you don’t mind labeling “better”!




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