Moving Homes with Kids? Make it Fun and Easy with These Tips

Moving homes can be hard on the kids because it’s a huge change. Apart from that, the actual process of moving can be traumatic for them, making it more stressful for you. Here are some simple tips to do before, during and after the move to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible for the entire family.

Before the Move

Talk to the kids: You might think it’s best to deal with this problem closer to moving day but it’s actually much better to tell the kids in advance and slowly make them warm up to the idea of a new home. Talk about what’s going to be better and what they have to look forward to, like a park near by or a bigger terrace, etc.

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Get them involved: Let the children participate in the packing procedure. Make fun boxes to let them know what items are to be donated, discarded or packed. It might help to write the kids names on the boxes or let them personalize it.

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Hire movers and packers: If you get professionals to take care of the big and fragile items, you can spend more time with your child while he/she packs up and says goodbye to the old home. Also, you’ll be minimizing the chance of accidents or mishaps.

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During the move

Important things last: Make sure all the favourite toys or books are packed separately and last so that the box can come out first in the new house. That way the kids will have their items to keep them occupied and also feel more comfortable in a new place.

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Clean and ready: Make sure the new home is properly cleaned and ready. If the apartment had tenants before or even if it’s a brand new one, it’ll have dust and dirt that can be unsafe for the children.

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Arrive before the chaos: Try to get to the house before the movers and packers get there so the children can run around and explore the new home.

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After the move

Kids first: The children’s room should be a priority so start the unpacking, furniture assembling, setting up of their room first.

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Celebrate: Have their favourite food and / or play their favourite movie the first night in the new house. Tell them about these plans in advance so they are excited through the day and get involved in the unpacking.

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Had to shift homes with kids? Leave a comment below and tell us what you did to make the move as smooth as possible.

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