Nest in Neutrals! 6 Ways to Make Neutral Rooms Anything but Boring

Using a quiet colour for your interiors can seem elegant to some and boring to others. Fortunately, when you use a palette of soothing neutrals for your walls, there’s so much you can do to spruce things up. Here are some tips on how to make easy-on-the-eyes interiors attractive and fun.

Vibrant Furniture Pieces

When the walls are a dull colour, you can introduce some small pieces of furniture in fun shades to add some personality to the room. For example, you can add a small blue coffee table, a multi-colored carpet, a bright ottoman, vibrant cushions, etc.

Wood is Good

No matter what colour you choose for your interiors, placing some wooden furniture like a chest of drawers or a center table adds depth. Dark wood gives the room some energy and still keeps it elegant.

Show Off Your Style

When you have a neutral background, you can show off your personal style and design choices. This can be in the kind of paintings you wish to hang up, the curtains you choose, the fabric and print of the furniture or even the kind of lamps you place around the room. However, when the room itself is too loud, a lot of these things get overlooked.

Perfect Harmony

When the foundation is minimalistic, you can opt for items in a way that the rooms relate to each other and create a sense of harmony. For example, the colours you use for the cushions in the living room can be the similar for the chairs or even your crockery in the kitchen. When the interiors are neutral, it’s easier to form this kind of consistency and create a level of comfort.

All About Layers

If you want an all-neutral look, you can layer the room with different shades of the same colour. This gives the room a classy look. For instance, you can pick a rug that’s a shade darker than the walls – this will highlight your furniture. Likewise, pick accessories that follow the same colour scheme. The understated room will bring out the woodworks, furniture and windows of the room.

Add Accents

To bring in a pop of colours to your neutral setting, add one or two accents. You can do this by introducing colourful doors or have one wall in a different colour. You can even have one side painted in stripes or with a variation of texture.

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