Painting Tricks: Change the Shape, Size & Feel of Your Room with Paint!

Sometimes moving homes or making adjustments to your existing one is not possible. During those times – all you need is a bucket of paint. The right paint colour in the right places can transform any space into something bigger, smaller, livelier or more welcoming. Here are a few tips on how to use paint strategically and smartly:

Make a room look bigger

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Just like an optical illusion, the right paint can make a room appear bigger. Lighter colours can do the trick and also liven the place up. By making the room feel more open and airy, soft colours like white, cream, light blue, etc. are great choices for any room that seems small or cramped.

Another tip: You can paint the mouldings and the wall trim in a lighter colour than your wall. This will make the walls seem farther away.

Make a room seem smaller and cozy

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Darker paint colours can make a room intimate and cozy. In this case you may not want to paint the trim lighter as it will make the room seem even smaller.

Change the mood

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To raise the energy level of a room- paint it red. It might be a little to stimulating for a bedroom so consider it for room where you will be entertaining guests.

To make a room seem more warm and welcoming – paint it yellow. A great choice for hallways, kitchens and dining rooms.

To make a room more relaxing – paint it blue. Ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Make room seem taller or shorter

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If you want the room to look taller, paint the ceiling a little lighter than the walls to make it seem higher. For those who want the room to seem more intimate, a darker colour will make the ceiling appear lower.

Change the shape

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If you have a long, narrow space, paint the shorter walls a shade darker than the other walls. This will make these walls feel closer to you and make the room appear to be more of a square shape. You can also use stripes to alter the shape by painting vertical stripes to make a room feel taller or horizontal stripes to make it feel longer.

For a small home

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If your home is small and each room opens to the next, by painting the rooms the same colour, the space will be viewed in its entirety and will seem larger.

Know of more painting tips to trick the eye? Leave a comment and share your wisdom.

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