9 Pinterest-Worthy Statement Chairs We’re Swooning Over!

They say “it’s all about the presentation“. We add, work it with your imagination. Of late, home decor is an artistic concept to express your creative insight while exuding interesting modern accents.  Be it DIY inspired or vintage decor, they all bear a similar signature or what we like to call ‘the statement piece’. Although we’ve grazed through refashioning old fitments in an earlier post, here we’re going all exclusive with statement chairs that are one hundred per cent Pinterest-worthy!

So, bag the look this New Year or get inspired because nothing speaks identity like adding a little bit of personality in your very own living space.

Blue Envy

Revisit mid-century elegance with a touch of modern charm. For timeless style and an air of class, this piece is sure to capture hearts and arrest second glances.

statement chairs

Artsy Comfort

A big-time sucker for mushy-smushy chairs but can’t get your eyes off artsy stuff either? Well, why compromise when you can try out a combination of both?

statement chairs

Beachy Ombré

No more FOMO when you can get the perfect holiday vibes right at home! Place this blue & white wooden piece in the portico with some boho cushion covers and get set to flaunt.

statement chairs

Glitzy Glam

Take those sparkles and tutus to your chair and exude the ultimate glam vibe.

statement chairs

Indian Royale

A big fan of your Indian roots and embroidered deets? Bring royalty home with a statement sofa chair like this one.

statement chairs

Victorian Bow

The pearly magic on this upholstered chair is a prized decor to capture the aesthetics all around. Resound the style of the time you can’t help but be drawn to it.

statement chairs

Floral Fuzzies

Obsessing over all things floral lately? Get home a statement floral-seater to take your bachelor pad from ordinary to luxe.

statement chairs

Modern Drive

A chic lounge chair that instantly adds personality to any room and brings alive the aesthete in you!

statement chairs


Have your home speak fashion like you do! Show off that pretty little corner with this à la mode design and give your abode an instant makeover.

statement chairs

Now that you’ve got enough pin-worthy and jaw-dropping ideas, pick one for yourself and get started! Oh, and don’t forget to tell us how you ace the home-done-right craze in the comments!

statement chairs

Image Credits: Pinterest 
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