Strange Smells: Five Possible Reasons for Home Odors

If Phoebe Buffay had to sing a song about your home – it would probably go something like this:

Smelly flat, smelly flat…why aren’t they cleaning you?

While some home aromas are appreciated (like Sunday afternoon’s biryani preperation), some of them might make you want to block your nose with a clothes clip. We’re going to talk about the foul smells or odors and look at five possible reasons for it.


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Some of the obvious reasons why your home smells bad are if someone in the house is a chain smoker and there are full ashtrays all over the place or if certain foods are being cooked (fish, cabbage, etc.).

Pet Peeves

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Some homes with pets can have a certain smell too, especially if the pet is not regularly bathed or the kitty litter box has been left uncleaned. If the pet sheds hair or does his/her business all over the house, the furniture, mattress, rugs, etc. will have to be regularly cleaned, shampooed and aired out.

Problem Waiting to Happen

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That unpleasant smell might be a warning sign from your home that something unpleasant is about to happen. A water leak can damage the walls and make the home smell musty. A pest that was hiding in your cupboards might have died…and you didn’t even know you had a pest problem. A burning electrical component will give off a foul fishy smell when exposed to extremely high heat.

Still and Stale Air

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If the house is all closed up and there’s no ventilation, the air will have a stale smell. Instead of always leaving the AC on and the room closed, open the doors and windows every once in a while and leave the fan on.

Bin Business

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Even if you take out the trash every day, food spills and residue waste can give the bin a permanent foul smell. Make sure to wash the trash cans regularly with hot water and dry it fully before using.

To identify the problem or to even solve it, sometimes you might need a helping hand. Get your home deep cleaned to eliminate all old odors and start fresh.

What do you usually do to identify and fix foul home odors? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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