Tips to Throw the Perfect Party in 2019

Too old (or broke) to go out clubbing? Well that’s why we have house parties. Other benefits include – full control over the playlist, you can stay in your jeans and sweatshirt, you’re not going to bump into anyone you’re trying to avoid and you don’t have to wait in a line to use the restroom. The only disadvantage is that for the person throwing the party – things might seem overwhelming. Enter Housejoy Assist! Here are some of the ways you can throw the best party of the year, with a little help from us.

Pre-Party Prep

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Whether your party is the result of a last-minute plan or you’ve been planning it for weeks, your crib sometimes is just not ready for visitors. If you don’t want to get the entire house deep cleaned because it’s going to be in a worse condition after the party, just get the bathroom and a few other rooms cleaned. If you have a pest or rodent problem, now’s your chance to address that by getting a pest control professional to pay you a visit.

Appliance Alliance

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If you’re going to be blending up some concoctions for the night or some morning-after detox drinks, make sure your blender is working. Other appliances that you need for the night can be looked at too – like your TV, speakers, laptop, fridge, etc.

Makeover for the Sleepover

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Let’s face it, even if the party is in your own home, you’ll want to put your best face forward, Afterall, the response to your Instagram and Facebook posts could lead to an even bigger and better party the next time around. Since there’s lots to be done, have a beautician come home to get you looking fresh and fierce before the guests arrive.

Post-Party Deep Cleaning

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This is one step you cannot avoid. Instead of being a party pooper and asking your guests to clean up after themselves, just call in the experts to do a thorough deep cleaning the next day. You can even get rid of those stains on your couch with a good shampooing session.

After-Party Wind Down

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Now that the house is taken care of, book yourself a relaxing massage to wind down. If you’ve been on your feet for the last few days, throw in a pedicure as well.

If it seems like too much work to call multiple people and make these appointments, worry not – with Housejoy Assist, you only call one person and they do the planning and scheduling for you.

What’s your favourite part about throwing a house party? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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