4 Easy Ways to Child Proof Your Home in a Day!

If you spend your entire day sounding like Justin Bieber saying ‘baby, baby noooo’, trying to keep your baby from moving to a dangerous territory or pulling out electrical cords, it’s time to think about baby proofing.

Whether you’re expecting a baby or you’re little one has become not-so-little and his/her growth is also accompanied by a growing curiosity – these tips can certainly help you allow your child discover and learn. while also staying safe:

Out of Reach

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  • Make sure the following things are either removed or on raised surfaces:
    • TV: It’s better to have the TV mounted on the wall so your little one doesn’t try to climb the TV stand.
    • Photo frames and other glass items: If your infant or toddler knocks something over, the glass can shatter and become dangerous if he/she is crawling or walking.
    • Candles and matchboxes: Even if you think your toddler is too small to use the matchbox, it’s better to keep them out of reach. The same goes for candles; they could bite it and end up choking.
    • Small toys and objects: Anything less than an inch in diameter becomes a choking hazard. Not only must you keep little objects away, don’t buy toys that have small parts till your baby is over five years old.
  • Use cord holders to keep all wires and cords fastened against the walls.

Lock Up

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  • Secure shelves, refrigerator door and other cupboards with safety latches.
  • Use a safety latch for the toilet seat as well to prevent the kids from wanting to play with the water.
  • Remove the knobs of the stove (if possible) or keep the gas switched off when not in use.
  • Keep all sharp objects like knives, forks, etc. on high shelves or in shelves with locks.
  • Keep all cleaning material and other chemicals in locked cabinets.

Cover Up

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  • Make sure all electrical outlets are covered.
  • Use baby gates to block off rooms and staircases.
  • Cover the sharp edges of tables and other corners of furniture with corner cushions or edge protectors.
  • Use door stops or door blocks to prevent pinched fingers and also keep the baby from getting locked in any room.

Clean Enough for Crawling

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  • Get a thorough scrubbing and mopping of the floor done with a natural cleaner.
  • Use homemade cleaners (using white vinegar, lemon juice, etc.) a few times a day in the areas where baby crawls.
  • If using a carpet, get it cleaned regularly and vacuum it daily.
  • Put all toys away during nap time.

Even if you follow all these tips and take all the precautions necessary, always be present when your little one is ‘exploring’. Have any other baby proofing tips you’d like to share? Please leave a comment below.

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