Shocking but True: These Are The Dirtiest Corners Of Your Home!

Even if you have a proper cleaning system in place, you’re probably overlooking a few areas that attract the most dirt and dust. Here are some of them:

Top of Chimney and Kitchen Cabinets

dirty corners

Most kitchen cabinets extend quite high and close to the ceiling – too far to dust regularly. Because of this and the fact that layers of grease settle there, it can get pretty gross and sticky. This area needs to be properly cleaned first and then regularly dusted and wiped. Since it can be oily, simply wiping it with a dry cloth won’t help. If you have a modular kitchen, then chances are that the areas behind all the swinging shelves also gets neglected.

The Rug

dirty corners

You don’t have to literally be sweeping things under the rug to end up with a dirty one. Even if it looks spotless and you do your best to clean it and the area under it, rugs and carpets are surprisingly great at trapping dirt. It doesn’t just have the obvious dirt from shoes, they also catch dust, bacteria, mould, dead skin cells, dust mites, pet hair and so much more. It is recommended to vacuum it daily, properly clean and air-dry it every once in two weeks and get it professionally cleaned at least once a year – even if it appears clean.


This one is on the list not because you may not be cleaning it regularly, but because a lot of the stuff in it might be stored wrong. For example, meat should always be stored separately or below any other kids of food. This is to prevent the meat liquid from dropping on any other food and contaminating it.

Commode Body

dirty corners

You probably clean your pot now and then or have your maid do it. But what about the parts around it? The tank, pipes, seat and even the floor around the pot tend to look darker than the rest of the bathroom. The dirty cracks can be cleaned with bleach and for all the other non-porcelain parts, you can just use vinegar or any other bathroom cleaning liquid. Just spray it everywhere from the lid to the floor surrounding the pot and let it sit before washing it off.

TV and Other On-Display Electronics

dirty corners




You’d think that since our TV is constantly used and always visible, it’s clean. You’d be surprised how much dust collects on top and behind the TV – especially wall-mounted TVs. Even your show items and other electronics like computers, speakers, keyboards, etc. get covered with dust so next time you’re doing a thorough cleaning – don’t forget these areas.

If you checked one or all of these places now and didn’t like what you saw, start fresh by getting a proper deep cleaning and then continue to regularly dust and clean these corners.

Let us know the problematic areas in your home by leaving a comment below.

dirty corners

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