Automated Home Security: The Right Step Toward a Smart Home

Technology seems to be the need of the hour in combating a lot of factors that were out of our control a decade ago. There really was no way to watch over your house when you weren’t ‘at the house’. But, now security systems have changed our perception of home security, here are a few reasons why:

Installing the system is no rocket science

The idea of a fully digitalized security system for your home may sound like it’s going to be an expensive affair. However, the reality is that smart home security systems come at competitive prices as a result of their increasing demand. The cost of a home security system today is cheaper than buying a new fridge. The installation is even simpler with some model, sometimes omitting the necessity of an electrician to install. As an added bonus, most security systems come with app controls, this not only helps you with the installation process but also with the maintenance and customer support options. 


Burglars beware!

A smart home security system will generally detect a burglar before they even have a chance to cross the front door. Many home security sensors come with in-built alarms that trigger if they detect any form of movement in a specific area. Furthermore, it’s hard to miss a camera that’s aimed at your front door. Burglars are aware of this which is why homes with security systems generally have a lower number of burglaries than homes that don’t.  This makes home security systems effective against crime.  


Insurance is IN.

Insurance is a must. If you’re insured against theft, then the value of said items can be reclaimed from the insurance companies, luckily. However, the insurance agency will set up their own investigation process as many people just hide their goods and report them as stolen to get some extra money. Although this process is strenuous and takes a large amount of time to get your claim verified, what the CCTV cameras capture help you with insurance claims and police investigation.  


Home automation is the future

Smoke detection sensors, motion sensors, baby monitors, trip sensors, and heat sensors have made it almost impossible for an intrusion to go undetected. Furthermore, each and every component of your security system can be accessed, controlled, and monitored from your phone. Smart, right?


Take a good look at your smart home!

A smart home that has a security system, will include, cameras, fire detectors, sensors, and digital locks. For smart homes with elderly people and infants, this is a blessing. There are uncountable cases where the caretaker you hired for elderly family members are abusive and untrustworthy or the number of baby sitters that mistreat your child. A home security system means you can monitor your family members at any time and even look into potential problems that your hired help may be causing. These systems provide a feed to your phone so as long as you have an internet connection, you can check out your home and its safety from anywhere in the world. 

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