Here’s Why You Need to Bird-Proof Your Home Right Away!

While it is nice to look at birds chirping in the park, it is surely not appealing to have them in and around your house. The grime and dirt they carry can affect you, your loved ones and your house in various ways. And if this sounds surprising to you, it’s time you know how birds can give you unwanted trouble. 

Defaces buildings:

The uric acid in bird droppings ruin the buildings by quickening its deterioration.

Contaminates food and water:

Birds harbour parasites and can internally host over sixty types of infectious diseases. Food and water contamination with bird faeces can cause food poisoning (Salmonella).


Fouls the spaces:

Bird nesting material, feathers, droppings, vomit and mites can foul the pavements, entrances and window panes. Plus, the slippery droppings could cause unfortunate accidents during rainy season.

Increases maintenance costs:

The rain gutters and down-pipes often get blocked due to nests and droppings causing an overflow of water. This further leads to timber decay, ruined decorations and structural damages.


Pollutes the atmosphere:

The pest birds create a nuisance with their noise, and their droppings produce bad odour, polluting the air around.

Causes skin diseases:

The infection-causing organisms that can grow in the accumulations of bird droppings, feathers and debris are capable of causing hazardous human diseases such as Candidiasis, E.coli infection, Histoplasmosis and so on.


So, these are only a few of the hazards these birds can cause. And the most humane and cost effective way to control these pest birds is by bird netting your home.

So, if you’re looking to bird-proof your home, you can book a service right here.

Here’s a glimpse of our one-of-a-kind service:

We offer HDPE net material, UV resistance, wired framework and sturdy mounting system. In fact, the service also includes a 6 month warranty.

To protect your home, choose Housejoy & keep all your bird problems at bay.



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