5 Reasons Why Cockroaches Can’t Resist Your Kitchen

Watching a cockroach scuttle away in your kitchen is not a very nice view. It not only makes you feel sick but it can make you actually fall sick. Cockroaches are known for their survival skills and for their hiding spots. If you are wondering why cockroaches can’t get out of your kitchen, this article is custom-made for you. We have listed out a few reasons why cockroaches can’t resist your kitchen. 

#1 Uncovered Food

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This is an obvious one! Cockroaches need food and are attracted to any spot with food. With the kitchen being the most commonplace for uncovered food, roaches love to hang out here. 

Solution: Keep roaches away by always storing food in closed containers.

#2 Dirty Dishes

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Leaving dirty dishes in the sink can attract roaches as they can eat off those as well. 

Solution: If you can’t wash them immediately, refrain from leaving them in the sink overnight.

#3 Open Trash Bins

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Trash is a Roach’s BFF. So think twice before leaving your trash open, even if it’s inside a cupboard. 

Solution: Use closed trash bins only or throw your trash out every night.

#4 Dirty Floors

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Dirt, dust and grime on the floor carried by pets and family members can attract roaches. 

Solution: Disinfect your floor and keep them clean daily. Do a deep cleaning once in a while.

#5 Cracks & Crevices

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Cockroaches love dark cracks & crevices and basically spend their whole life inside them. 

Solution: Look for any cracks and crevices and seal them immediately.


Cleaning kitchen, storing food in closed containers and all the above ways are just a part of keeping cockroaches at bay. But, if you really want to wipe them out of your house, you should get a cockroach control done by professionals only. 

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