TV Troubles? Tips to Fix Common TV Problems

Your television is your window to the world, your loyal date every Saturday night, your escape from life’s problems and your entertainment at the end of a dull day. Seems like a lot of responsibility for one device. That’s probably why it throws tantrums or acts up once in a while. Here are some common problems your TV could have and ways you can fix it yourself.

The Symptoms: Strange colors and weird flesh tones

TV troubles

The Diagnosis: Even new TVs can have this problem where colors and flesh tones are all wrong. This is most probably because the settings have been set for the showroom environment.

The Treatment: In the picture menu, you can change the mode to natural. You can manually set the contrast, color and brightness or you can reset the white balance and color space adjustments to default.

The Symptoms: Internet will not connect

TV troubles

The Diagnosis: The newer TVs and Smart TVs come with internet connectivity via a wired or a wireless connection. This gives you access to YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and what not. However, this feature doesn’t always work properly. If you’ve changed your internet provider, just installed the TV, having server issues or there’s a power outage, you might have trouble connecting.

The Treatment:  As soon as you get the TV set up, while the technician is still there – try connecting it to the internet. This way if there’s a problem or you’re not sure how to connect it, you can get your questions answered immediately. If it was working for a while and suddenly stops, you can connect the TV to the router via Ethernet and install the updates before trying again. If nothing works, contact your TV manufacturer.

The Symptoms: Occasional Picture Pixelation

TV troubles

The Diagnosis: If the picture on your TV sometimes breaks up into squares and when there’s fast movement, it sometimes freezes. You might wonder if the fault is with the TV or the cable connection. It could actually be either or even both.

The Treatment: If the problem is due to a weak signal, an amplifier can be used to strengthen it. If there’s a cable issue, you can get a technician to look at it and he might need to install an inline amplifier.

The Symptoms: White Outlines

TV troubles

The Diagnosis: No your TV is not possessed. When people or objects have artificial white edges, there can be two possibilities – your TV’s sharpness is set too high or your television uses some kind of edge-enhancement processing technology.

The Treatment: In the settings, go to the picture menu. Then adjust the sharpness manually till the outline disappears. If edge-enhancement is enabled, you can try and disable it through the service menu.

The Symptoms: Patch of different color displays on the side of the screen

TV troubles

The Diagnosis: This is usually the because of magnets in the speakers that are probably positioned too close to the TV set.

The Treatment: Move the auxiliary speakers a little away from the set and check if this resolves the problem.

Your TV is an investment, so if there’s something wrong with it that you can’t seem to fix – it’s always a good idea to call in the experts.

If you know of other simple solutions to common TV troubles, let us know by leaving a comment below.


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