Geyser Gamble: Are You Playing Your Cards Right?

One of the main reasons for a high electricity bill is the geyser. During winter months, you tend to increase its usage and that might lead you to deal with a sweat-inducing electricity bill at the end of the month. With these simple tips, you can get the hot water you need, without breaking a sweat!

Right Size

Choose the geyser size based on the consumption levels and size of the family. An unnecessarily over-sized product heats more water and requires more energy. Choosing a smaller one means you’ll get hot water faster and won’t be consuming more electricity in the process. 

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Star ratings are mentioned on most electrical appliances. 5-star geysers consume less electricity and reduce your monthly electricity bills. The lower the rating, the less efficient the product. If you need to uninstall your current geyser and install a new one (with a better rating), Housejoy sends over reputed technicians right to your doorstep to get the job done.

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A thermostat cuts off the power to the heater once the water reaches a particular temperature. When the temperature drops, the geyser heats it back up to the desired temperature. Few heaters allow you to check and change the thermostat. If yours sounds like the latter, with the thermostat on the outside, change the setting, so that instead of 60 degrees, it maintains 40-45 degrees. 

Off Goes The Geyser

A lot of people rely on the thermostat to ‘do its thing’ and leave the geyser on for longer than required. But the thermostat causes the power to stop-start whenever the water temperature dips, this whole on-and-off process consumes more electricity. Mom’s know best, their “switch off the geyser” anthem has saved quite a chunk of money on the bill.

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Use these tips and you can enjoy those nice warm showers and still stay cool when that electricity bill comes around.  For any issues regarding home appliances, you know who to call!

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