Infestation Horror Stories from Commercial Spaces

What if you recently discovered that you’ve been sharing your office drawer with someone? Only to understand that ‘someone’ was actually a ‘something’? And this particular ‘someone’ left a nasty surprise on the documents that you stashed away in your drawers. 

Some of us have been lucky enough to miss-out on such surprises! That’s because your office manager would probably get regular pest-control treatment done. But there are a few unlucky souls who have some creepy stories to share about these creepy-crawlies; dare to read on?


There were constant complaints about pests from a certain office. An employee reported ants falling on her hands from the ceiling. Another, said that a rat jumped out of her coat pocket as she put it on! Most of the employees reported that they could hear rats running across the ceiling through the day.


In another fairly smaller office where employees had individual storage drawers underneath their desks, one employee took out a packet of crisps and handed it to his colleague. He spotted the ‘open packet’, grabbed some potato chips and began to eat them.  The first employee looked puzzled as the packet was never opened! They then looked into the drawer and realized that the bag of chips had been chewed open by a pesky pest; crumbs and rat droppings in the drawer justified their suspicions.


Few years ago at a restaurant, a pest control team started a treatment schedule for cockroaches and were shocked to see not few but hundreds of roaches climbing out of every nook and corner! (including the ceiling)

Bed Bugs Pest

A pest control team was called for inspection at a Senior living community, they found red spots on the walls beside the bed – a classic sign that bed-bugs were near. They also found cockroaches and later discovered that the cockroaches were feeding on the bedbugs.

Pest Information

Last year, a school in USA shut because of  pest infestation. These weren’t just ants or flies – students actually witnessed rats and a snake scurrying about on campus! Not a sight for sore eyes, definitely

HouseJoy offers a host of services that target individual species of bugs and pests (termite control, bed bugs) as well as general pest control. Periodical pest control is needed in both residential as well as commercial spaces. Larger spaces with more people will need constant maintenance and checks because they can easily be inhabited by common pests and rodents. Pests not only cause damage to your property, they also host an array of deadly, and infectious diseases. Buildings like hospitals, restaurants and schools will need high-quality pest control to keep them from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes which cause critical illnesses like Dengue and Zika. 


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