Believe it or Not! These Natural Pest Repellents from My Kitchen Worked Wonders.

Authored by: Housejoy Blog Contributor, Rivka Shilpe


Freeloaders are always annoying, especially when they’re living in your home and threatening the health of your family. While a polite request to leave might work on humans, you’ll need a heavier hand for pests.

Like me, if you don’t like using sprays and chemicals, here are some natural solutions that I’ve tried and tested.


Hardworking and hard to get rid of, ants invade most homes. Try these natural solutions to get rid of these tiny threats.

Cinnamon: If you know where the entry points of the ants are, just put some cinnamon powder or sticks of it nearby. I even mixed a bit of cinnamon oil with water and wiped down the areas where I noticed the ants always came out from.

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White Vinegar: Mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle. You can put a few drops of any essential oil too if you want. Spray this solution on the places most frequented by the ants.

Lemon: This is a simple fix that I use quite often. Just rub a slice of lemon on kitchen surfaces or the areas where you usually spot the ants.


If the sound and sight of lizards gross you out too, just try these easy ways to get rid of them.

Egg Shells: Most households already adopt this lizard-shooing method. After you break an egg to use it, simply leave the shells around the house (preferably near doors and windows).

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Coffee Powder: Coffee and tobacco combine to form a rather lethal mixture for these slithering pests. Roll a combination of both powders into balls and stick it onto toothpicks. Leave these behind cupboards and shelves or where you usually spot lizards. They will attempt to eat these deadly treats and it will kill them. Note that with this remedy you’ll have to deal with disposing the dead lizards so try it only if you’re comfortable.

Garlic: You can just hang garlic around your house or keep cloves of it near doors and windows to get rid of lizards and other pests.


Resilient and abundant, roaches creep up from doors, cracks and even drains. Here are some effective natural ways to chase them away.

Mint Oil or Listerine: Spray some mint oil near drains and sinks to keep the roaches away. You can even use a solution made from water and mouthwash.

Bay Leaves: Just put some bay leaves near doors and drains to keep cockroaches away. To keep my clothes safe, I leave a packet of bay leaves in my cupboard.

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Know of other ways to get rid of pesky pests? Do tell us by leaving a comment below.

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