NEVER Choose These Colours to Paint Your Home

Did you know that you could go wrong with choosing paint colours for your home? It’s true! Certain colours can kill the whole vibe at home. So, before you pick that paintbrush, make sure you steer clear from these shades.

Browns with Exteriors

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This colour should be avoided for the exteriors of your home as it makes it look all dull and boring – you wouldn’t want that, now would you? However, it is a good choice for accessories and trims when paired with other earthy colours.

Peach for Big Rooms

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This colour has the power to ruin the mood when used for big rooms or large areas. But if you really want to add peach to your home, you can add it to small areas or just accessories.

Black as Base

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This colour is almost everyone’s favourite and if we could we would use it for almost everything. Black cannot be used as a base colour for your home as it will increase the temperature and have you feeling hotter in summers. It is best for trims and goes well with other base colours.

Yellow in Kitchens

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Brighter hues of this colour should be avoided; it can be a little too much for the eyes and not very appealing. Yellow can be used for children’s rooms as it can be stimulating and cheerful.

Greenish Brown for Bedrooms

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Also known as Opaque Couche, it is considered as one of the worst paint colours and even worse for your bedroom, so stay away!

Now that you know what not to use, get your painting gear on and colour your home with all shades happy.

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