Time for a Fresh Start: 5 Signs that You Need to Repaint

The paint on your walls is not just for looks, it also protects your walls from pests, weather, messy children and messier adults. That being said, it’s important to know when the walls of your home (exterior and interior) need a fresh coat of paint. These are the signs you should look out for:



If you notice that your wall is not as bright as it once was, it’s time to repaint. Fading happens over time but in some cases it can happen quicker depending on the elements faced by that particular wall. For example, fading usually occurs due to sun bleaching but can also happen as a result of water intrusion.

Cracks and bubbles

Cracks and Bubbles

Bubbles might be cute anywhere else, but on your wall – it can look ghastly. Extreme weather conditions, as well as rot and mould can cause the walls to crack or bubble. Once this happens, you definitely need to call an expert to examine the damage and then begin the repainting process. With HouseJoy, you can book a free inspection before you decide on repainting. 

Stains and Mould

Stains and Mould

Water or moisture can sometimes cause the wall to stain. Most of the time, these stains can easily be fixed. Sometimes the damage is quite extensive and can be due to a larger problem (for example – to do with your pipes). You must first get an expert to evaluate the situation and then definitely get the entire wall painted over.

Hardened caulk

Hardend Chalk

Caulk or silicone sealant is used around the windows and doors to keep your home insulated. It expands and contracts with the weather but with time can lose its elasticity. If you notice hardening of the sealant, it’s time to repaint the walls as this can cause further damage.

Not appealing anymore


If you just don’t like how the wall looks any more or think it deserves an upgrade, it’s a good enough reason to consider putting on a fresh coat of paint or doing something different with that wall.

Now you know when your walls are trying to tell you they need help. Listen to their cry and call professional painters from Housejoy and pick the right kind of paint that will last for years. 


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