Battling the Blackout: Tips to Survive Power Cuts

It was Spider-Man’s uncle who said “with great power comes great responsibility”, but it was my (over) friendly neighbourhood Jaya aunty who said that we would be having great power-cuts this season. 

Whether a transformer burst or there are scheduled power cuts in your area, here are some tips to stay comfortable till the power comes back.

Stock Up

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Certain devices become must-haves during a power outage. Invest in items like solar lanterns, emergency lights, rechargeable fans, etc. so the lack of power doesn’t cause too much of an inconvenience to you. 

Use of Fridge

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Keep your freezer and fridge door closed to keep the contents cool. If you don’t know when the power is coming back on, you’ll want to make sure you don’t spoil any of the food items in your fridge by constantly opening the door and letting the warm air in.

Charge Appliances

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If there is scheduled load shedding in your area, then ensure all your gadgets and appliances are charged before the power goes.


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If it’s a planned power cut then do all your chores before the time of the power cut. Not only for obvious reasons (power needed to run the washing machine or iron clothes) but doing chores without the fan or AC can be quite uncomfortable in the summer.

Night-Time Necessities 

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If the electricity comes and goes unpredictably, ensure you have a torch, candle, emergency lamps, etc. handy before you go to bed. If you have to walk around the house at night or make a trip to the bathroom, you’ll need a torch beside your bed so you can find your way.


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Make sure you switch off all electrical appliances and major connections so that there are no short circuits. If there’s a thunderstorm, unplug all your appliances to keep them safe from lightning surges. If it’s night time, you can leave one light on so that you know when the power comes back. 

Stay Cool

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If you’re in a warm city, keep bottles of water filled and make sure you keep drinking water throughout the day. No power means no AC and lots of sweating. You can also block the sun by drawing the curtains and keeping your home dark and cool.


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If it’s during the day and you just cannot bear the heat, go to an air-conditioned space like the mall, supermarket, or a movie theatre. 

Additional Tip:

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If there is an unexpected power cut, first check with your neighbours. If you’re the only one without power, it might just be a simple problem like a tripped switch which can be corrected immediately. 

These tips should help you handle a power cut but if you really want to avoid feeling powerless (pun intended), invest in a backup generator before the power-cut season starts. 

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