Dinnerware on Display: 7 Ways to Display Crockery

One of the latest design trends has been to use dinnerware as part of the interior décor. But not everyone displays their dishes just for show, some of us don’t actually have the storage space for them. Whatever your reason for wanting (or needing) to leave your crockery in the open, here are some ideas to do it creatively:

#1 Crockery Cabinet

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This one is obvious. If you want to display your crockery but still want to keep it simple and easy to maintain – use a glass-door cabinet. If you really want to highlight particular pieces or antique dishes, fix in some lighting or place other decorative pieces with the crockery.

#2 Modern Bookcase

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You can even use one of those long box-type open storage boxes to store your dinnerware along with other showpieces, cookbooks, spice sets, etc.

#3 Open Rack/Shelf

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These simple racks are a classic and striking way to display your plates, saucers and trays. You can fix it in your kitchen or beside the dining table or even on the side of cupboards and cabinets.

#4 Rolling Cart

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A rolling cart is a great way to display crockery and also super convenient when it comes time to use it. Have guests over? Just push the cart and unload the things you need.

#5 Artwork on the Wall

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Hang up the important or quirky dishes on the wall to give the room a cosy feel. Pick out the pieces that work well together and go with the paint colour and the colours of the other linens in the room.

#6 Hanging from the Ceiling

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Great use of space would be to create a hanging storage rack from the ceiling. You can even add an island or chest of drawers beneath it so convert the entire area into a functional and fun space.

#7 Hooks for Cups

crockery 7

If you have cute vintage teacups or even some fun colours and prints, you can easily display them by just adding hooks to your existing storage cabinets. It also makes it convenient to just grab a cup when you need to pour yourself some coffee, instead of opening cabinets or fumbling around some drawers. 

So there you have it; great ways to display your dinnerware! If you have some ideas of your own, do share them with us by leaving a comment below. 

Image Credits: Pinterest

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