Décor that Stands Out: 5 Decorating Ideas for Your Balcony

Balconies are an important part of any home and more so when that home is an apartment. Not just for the view – even if your balcony looks over a busy road or faces another building, having a balcony gives you a space to enjoy the outdoors, entertain guests, let your pets play, do some gardening or even enjoy some alone time. Whether you have a tiny balcony or massive patio; here are some ideas to spruce up your balcony so it becomes the highlight of your home.

Table Time

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Adding a little table can turn even the tiniest of balconies into an elegant one. If yours is particularly small, pick a table that folds so you can set it up for your morning coffee or to watch (spy on) your children playing downstairs. If you have a large balcony or it’s on a higher floor / windy area, having your furniture fixed to the wall or floor is a great way to use space.

Make it Green

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Always wanted a garden but had to settle for a balcony instead? Just add some greenery and you’re set. These can be in the form of wall planters, potted plants, creepers or you can even create a vegetable garden.

Sitting Space

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A couple of wicker chairs, a hanging swing, a recliner or a sweet little bench in the corner; these are great ways to make your balcony functional and give you a great relaxing space. If you don’t want to spend, there’s no need to invest in outdoor furniture— get some comfortable, colourful and fluffy floor pillows and/ or a carpet.


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Your balcony might get plenty of light by day, but why should it be covered in darkness when the sun sets? Depending on the size and shape of your balcony (and if you own or rent the place), you can consider installing pendant lights, scones, outdoor lanterns or just pretty fairy lights.


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If you’re in an apartment building that has all balconies too close together, you might have an audience when you do your Surya Namaskar every morning. Create a natural wall by introducing plants like bamboo or install some shades that can be raised and lowered.

Make your balcony more than a storage area or a home for unwanted pigeons with these tips. Have more ideas on how to turn your balcony into a beautiful place where you can enjoy your surroundings, some fresh air and maybe some good company? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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