5 DIY Projects to Give your Home a Makeover

There are times when you want your home to look cleaner (or fancier) than it is. Like for example;
festivals, birthdays or just after a call from relatives saying they ‘happen’ to be passing by and will be
at your door in five minutes. If you’re looking for easy ways to spruce up your home or just want to
make some changes before the new year, here are some ideas:

1. Paint the grout lines

Paint Lines

Most of our bathroom tiles have a dark outline as a result of grout that’s accumulated over the
years. Even after you’ve cleaned it, it won’t be the same colour it was and will definitely stand out.
You can just use grout paint between the tiles and wipe off any excess. You don’t even have to
choose a colour that matches the tiles. Choose a contrasting colour like blue or black if your tiles are
white and give your bathroom a trendy upgrade.

2. Change door knobs

Change Door Knobs

To give the old rooms a new look, consider changing the door knobs. Replacing your door knobs with
something more vintage or modern is a simple way to make your door look stylish.

3. Home Gallery

Home Gallery

An easy way to give your home a whole new feel is to hang up some photos. Pick out some special
ones, get them printed and select the right frames. Stick paper on the wall where you want the
photos to go so you know how they will all fit together before bringing out the hammer and nails.

4. Repaint Stairs

Repaint Stairs

Use a large bristle brush and give your staircase a fresh coat of paint. Try something different by
painting the top part of the stair and the base a different colour. Or you can paint the sides of the
stairs a different colour and the middle a different colour.

5. Swap Out Light Fixtures


This one might need the help of a professional as it can be tricky and there are wires (and electricity)
involved. But by changing your lighting around the house, you’ll be giving it a whole new look and
feel. You can add Edison-style bulbs in the living room, vintage pendants in the kitchen or replace
some of the white lights with yellow ones to give your home a warm glow.

Transform your space with these simple DIY home improvement ideas. Other simple ways to change
things up would be to add some greenery, repaint furniture, hang up mirrors, etc. Even small
changes can have a big impact and make the place more visually appealing.

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