Good Vibes: 8 Easy Steps to Feng Shui Your Living Room

Feng Shui is more than an ancient art and science; it is the interaction of us humans with our environment. It reveals how to balance the energies of a space by designing or positioning the surroundings in such a way that it creates perfect harmony. Here are some easy tips on how to bring the concepts of Feng Shui to your living room:

9 minutes of fresh air

Fresh Air

One of the easiest ways to clear out your living room is to keep the windows open for at least nine minutes. According to Feng Shui, nine is considered to be a lucky number. Opening up the windows will let the bad and stale energy escape.

Colour choices

Color Choices

Since the living room is where people come together and it’s where energies interact and merge, it should be a neutral ground. Choose colours like warm yellow, brown and clay for the bigger furniture pieces. The accessories can be brighter pops of colour.

Seating positions


According to Feng Shui, pieces of furniture should be grouped together for the easy flow of conversation. Also, all of the seats should have a view of the door so that everyone in the room can see who’s coming and who’s going. 



Make sure there is no one metal that’s predominant in the room. For example, if there is too much of one particular metal, add more soft accessories like pillows, throws and rugs. Similarly, if there’s too much of white, add some pops of colour or wood to add warmth to the room.



Plants not only liven things up, they purify the air. They add a unique texture to the room creating more balance. Plants with positive vibes include bamboo, peace lily, the snake plant and more. 

Decorate the Walls


Wallpapers or wall art that’s uplifting is ideal. Flowers, animals, birds, leaves and trees create stimulating energy. 

Space for all

Space for All

See that every member of the household (including pets) have their own seat in the room. This is so every person feels welcome and comfortable. 

Choose wisely


When selecting accessories or show pieces for your living room, only pick those items that are meaningful to you and other members of the family. You should only have happy responses to these items. Everything we have around us has the power to influence us so only display positive energy anchors.


Remember that it’s all about balance and to let positive energy flow. The simplest way you can do that is be de-cluttering your room. So tidying up would be the perfect way to start. 

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