Inner Beauty: Interior Design and the Element of Technology

We’ve discussed how technology has already changed the face of construction. It’ll be interesting to understand its impact on interior design. Tech meets art and the possibilities are endless.

Interiors for Smart homes

Smart home technology is changing the way people are planning not just the interiors of their homes, but the design itself. They have to take into consideration appliances like smart lights, thermostats, smart TVs, etc. In the near future, we’ll have kitchens where the induction hobs are built into the stone of the countertop and bathrooms with voice-controlled showers.


Functional furniture

Since technology has become an important part of our life, the furniture around us has to adapt accordingly. For example, sofas will have a foldable table for laptops or a hidden charging station for our gadgets. 



Energy-efficient lighting

One of the leading trends in interior design is to create more environmentally-friendly spaces and due to that, lighting technology has changed a lot these past few years. There’s more demand for ways to optimize natural lighting and also installing energy-efficient lighting that provide better quality lighting while requiring less electrical input.



3D Printing

This technology is going to change everything we know about interior design. Imagine being able to imagine and then design a furnishing piece and then ‘print’ it out exactly the way you or your designer envisioned it? Even if it’s a smaller version, it’ll make it so much easier, faster and cheaper to create the life-size version. 


Design Tools

Designers no longer have to travel with charts and books of their drawings and ideas – which we may not be able to completely imagine anyway. Now thanks to design tools and tablets, it’s easier to decorate spaces, measure distances and see how everything will ultimately look. 

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Whether you’re a client or a designer, the beauty of technology is in its constantly evolving nature. at Housejoy, we ensure the diligent use of technology in order for better consumer experience with Interior Design.



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