Our Mascot – Our Pride and Joe

A mascot represents the core values of any company and that’s exactly what we aimed to achieve with Joe.

Our business is built on the expertise of working-class heroes like plumbers, construction workers, beauticians, and several others. So we wanted a mascot who embodies their skills and eagerness to help on one hand and Housejoy’s tech-enabled services on the other. 

Thus, was born ‘Joe’. A mascot, a deliberate juxtapose of human and technology – a superhero with super skills. 

Joe literally means an ordinary common man who is just like the rest of us. In spite of having unique and rare attributes, he’s still perceived to be ordinary. We believe that these extra-ordinary workers carpenters, fumigators, construction workers, painters and so many others are the true contributors to our economy. Though in India, they are not as well compensated as their western counterparts, they are still the ones who are responsible for keeping things moving, going, and evolving. 

They are no average Joe’s. 

The name ‘Joe’ is also a play on the latter half of our brand’s name.  The idea is to have a uniting factor across all our services so that our message is easily identified and remembered. We are in 2 separate verticals and have 20+ services – the commonality being the human interface and the technology behind it.  Given that the need for our services isn’t as frequent as food delivery or eCommerce, it’s important for our brand to have high recall so that we remain the go-to brand for any maintenance or construction need.

With the launch of Joe, we also wanted to create a mnemonic that represents our brands’ ideology of being ‘home of the experts’ – the ‘home’ symbolizes all the services that we are into, from construction, renovation, interiors, and the circle represents our constant presence.  

Our inhouse team of designers, architects and project managers can help you understand what it takes to build, design, renovate and even maintain homes.


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