Transform Your Balcony Using 5 Simple Tricks

2020 has no doubt been the year where you have spent the most amount of time at home. For those of us who have a balcony, we can safely say that that’s where they’ve spent most of their time.  For being such a trooper and doing your part, we’ve decided to help you improve your spot because everyone deserves a break worthy of the work they put in.


Furniture on Double Duty

While you may feel that small balconies have little more to offer than a view, you simply haven’t been thinking with multi-purpose furniture. Double-duty furniture like a storage box that converts into a seat or a foldable shelf. Better still is accordion furniture. As the name suggests, accordion furniture can be stretched like an accordion to accommodate seating for more people. This type of furniture is deceptively sturdy and can be molded to fit anywhere between 2-8 people. Pallet furniture is also a good idea for small balconies as they can be reshaped and modified to custom fit your balcony.


Lighten up with Light Scale barriers

There are times when you end up with a sizeable balcony to sit and relax in but you still avoid it! This is mostly because a large balcony means nothing if you can’t enjoy the view. Noisy streets and shopping complexes that are bang opposite your apartment make it difficult to enjoy your extended space. The solution for this is a light-scale barrier. It is not very difficult to cover up your balcony and make a whole new room out of it. Glass is generally not recommended as it tends to increase the heat within that space (yes even sun-ban reflective glass won’t help). The best options are light wooden grids or blinds/curtains. Grids made of light wood material are not very expensive and look classy but they are not a temporary fixture that can be removed and placed back easily. Chick blinds or zebra blinds not only isolate your home from the outside environment but they can also be raised and lowered like moving a curtain.


Light Done Right

Even if you are able to block the outside noise, there’s no pleasure to be had from a balcony covered in darkness. While most modern balconies come equipped with an overhead light, these are often utility-based. Standing lamps are impractical for both large and small balconies so hanging lamps are generally the way to go. Another option is string lights which can be manipulated and customized to your preferences. String lights also take up the least amount of space so they’re generally the go-to for small apartments. Chinese lanterns while looking beautiful are not the best idea if your balcony is open and without a screen. These types of lanterns get dirty very easily and not to mention a single thunderstorm could completely destroy them. When considering lighting be sure to observe the environment and space before installation.


Plant Ahead

Plants are seemingly one of the easiest ways to spruce up your balcony but they can also be one of the most high-maintenance additions as well. If you choose the wrong type of plant, you might end up killing it. Choose plants that thrive under a lot of sunlight as opposed to plants that might dry up. On the other hand, if your balcony tends to get only 3-4 hours of direct sunlight, it may be a good idea to place indoor plants instead of outdoor ones. More than the plants, it’s the confusion of placing them efficiently.  Hanging pots are generally the go-to for small balconies but in some structures, they might end up obstructing your view. A planter wall takes up no additional space and can accommodate a large number of hanging pots. Faux plants are another option for people who cannot find the time to maintain real plants. A sheet of faux grass can also make for a good floor seater.


Leave your Guests Floored

99% of all balcony floors are made up of concrete with zero pattern design or colour. These empty floors tend to give a drab effect to your balcony even if you have explored other décor options. Yes, painting the floor is an option but it is also expensive to implement, modify, or remove. As mentioned previously faux grass carpets work really well both for seating and décor purposes. Another option that has only recently come to India are deck tiles. Deck tiles are pieces of wooden furniture that can be easily placed on any hard surface and can completely change the look of any area. The tiles interlock similar to a jigsaw puzzle so they are quite easy to place but the best thing about these tiles is that they are just as easy to remove. 

Get the look you’ve wanted for your balcony with these simple hacks. Too relaxed to DIY? Then call in the experts and let them give your balcony an insta-worthy makeover.

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